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About BSwan

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Cha'Yvon V. Dessus who’s professionally known as "BSwan" (Black Swan) which has been developed during the journey of building her dance career in 2013. BSwan has been dancing for about 23yrs. Her techniques that she has studied are Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern.Her specialty is Modern/Contemporary Dance also followed by her very own style of dance known as "Swanography". BSwan's Dance training started with L&L Dance Production, YPTC (Young Performer Theatre Dance Camp), Koresh Youth Ensemble Dance Company(Roni Koresh) back in early 2000's where she gained proficiency training in classical Ballet with Natalia Nikulina-Bar and Modern with Melissa Rector. In 2011, BSwan was hired as a member of “Infatuation Dance Company(Tess Stumpf) as well as the Assistant Director of The Pure Project Dance Company Founder/Director(Itola Byrd). She is currently professionally dancing with Contempra Dance Company. BSwan is employed with various Dance Schools and Companies throughout Philadelphia region, such as L&L Dance Productions, Bella Ballerina Dance Academy, Precisions Pride Dance, The MOB, and Contempra Dance School. She has volunteered for multiple Career Days, after School programs to help speak with the youth on encouraging and finding their goals and aspiration in life. BSwan is now the Director/Founder of BSwan Dance Company (BSDC) established in 2017. BSwan's an inspiring artist whose business has successfully grown and developed over the past five years. She has Produced and Directed three productions titled as "The Diary Of BSwan(2014) The Evolution Of BSwan (2016) and last "BLXCK OUT(2017). Her goal is to inspire other Dancers/Artists in her community to dance as if they were Black Swans, embodying the unique imagery of a "Black Swan". Black Swans have a mysterious nature about them which can reflect rare, and edgy characteristics. Therefore, if you're going to Dance, Dance like a BLACK SWAN, following by her motto to” BRare, BNoticed, BYou”. 

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